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Infirmary St Baths
A disused Victorian swimming baths within the centre of Edinburgh has been converted into a mixed use development, including a workshop and gallery spaces for Dovecot Studios, Scotland's leading tapestry company. The tapestry workshop occupies the main pool space, with display on the gallery above and support spaces to the sides, screened by the vibrant yarn libraries which add a visual backdrop to the main volume. The exhibition spaces have been sited below the original pools, where natural light was not so critical. Office spaces are arranged within the ladies pool and, finally, residential flats wrap around and above the other uses. Externally the existing stone walls of the original building are retained, with new volumes added as simple zinc clad boxes maximising light, space and views.

The project was a finalist in the RIAS Doolan Award for Architecture in 2009 and has won other awards, including a Roses Design Award.

Credit: Malcolm Fraser Architects
Role: Project Director, planning to completion